Step 1:

Get an Enjin Wallet, your Enjin Coin will be stored in your player account. When you have enough coin to exchange you will first visit: go to the “Blockchain Ecosystem” tab and click the drop down “Enjin Wallet.

Step 2:

Open your CoinBase Account (click the Link) and be prepared to submit an ID and go through the normal KYC procedure of submitting a valid ID etc. And find your Ethereum wallet ID, because you’ll need it in step 3.

Step 3:

Exchange your Enjin Coin that you earned here on our site below with our easy exchange widget. It will ask where you want to send it and that is the Ethereum Wallet ID you found on CoinBase in the previous step.
Step 4:

You may now go back to CoinBase and sell your Ethereum and then transfer the USD or other currency to your Bank Account.

  • Our games work best when played on Firefox.
  • Please disable all ad blockers.
  • Move Enjin Coin to your Enjin Wallet after you have created your wallet on Enjin Wallet.
  • Go to Changelly and initiate exchange and enter the amount of Enjin Coin you wish to exchange into Ethereum, enter your Ethereum Address from Coinbase into the exchange box and then initiate the transaction.
  • You will be given another address from Changelly that you will enter into your Enjin wallet as the address you want to transfer the Enjin coin to.
  • The Changelly interface will then do the exchange, sending you the exchanged Enjin coin into Ethereum to your Coinbase Ethereum Address.
  • Then that’s it. The transfer will take maybe 30 minutes on Changelly end.