Make Coin!

Objective of the game

  • remember that the object of Cashola is too lose all your cards and making others gaining cards.
  • keep +2 and +4 for emergencies.
  • keep your score low.
  • change color often.

Winning the game gets you 1/10 of a coin. So, even if you don’t click on ads you can “Make Coin” .

Watching Video Ads and clicking banner Ads will also earn you Enjin Coin, because we split the ad revenue with you. Some purchases will even earn you more Enjin Coin, however that depends on the advertiser.

Your Enjin Coin will be stored in your player account. When you have enough coin to exchange you will first visit: Changelly to exchange your Enjin coin for Ethereum. Then you will transfer your Ethereum to: CoinBase Exchange and open an account, to sell and transfer into your bank account.

If you are not a computer person just grab somebody who is and have them do this with you. This is not a difficult procedure and please don’t be intimidated, after this is done once, it will easy to exchange and move to your Coinbase account and then to your bank account.

If you have questions or concerns or need help doing this please send us an email to: We also have more detailed instructions on our support page.