Cash Cow Points, LLC is a company that has devised a way for people to get paid to play games.

How do you ask do we do that?

We place advertisements on our pages and in between game sessions for people to watch and click on, and most likely buy from advertisers. The Advertisers pay us when somebody clicks on their ads to see their offerings and most likely purchases from the advertiser. We in turn, split our ad revenue with the game player. This accomplishes two things:

  • the player will actually see what the advertiser is offering or selling.
  • the player will receive a payment for viewing the advertisement.

Is this Good for the Advertiser?

Absolutely yes, because people click on the ad and are sent to their website and see exactly what they are offering or selling. People may purchase a product or service because they now know the benefits, or actually see a product that they can really use.

On other services like Adwords, your competitors click on your ads and actually never intend to purchase and only want to eat up your advertising dollars. Also, with Google AdWords you’re paying for clicks. This wasn’t a problem a long time ago when rates were more reasonable, you know, pennies instead of dollars. The problem nowadays is that a startup or new business is dropping $5 or more per click to get people to visit their site. Sure. That may increase visitors because you’re appearing at the top of the Google search page, but it’s not guaranteeing customers. Become a “Ad Publisher” and make money from your website.

We do not use Adwords

We use other ad exchanges that have Video Ads, Banner Ads, Push Notifications and "SKIM" is a link that a publisher inserts on a specific site element, and after clicking on it, an advertisement appears to the user. Our players are encouraged to look at the money saving deals available on the Advertisements, because purchases may result in earning more coins.